Downloadable Worksheets


I spent many, many hours formatting (and usually battling) Word to make games, tests, and worksheets for my students. And, I’m very excited to be able to share them with you, too! Again, I taught all levels of elementary school (CE1-CM2), so I usually had a couple different versions of everything I made. Here, I will share a sampling of the documents to give you a template for you to edit for your students.

Board game to teach “feelings”

This game teaches vocabulary relating to feelings: mad, sad, happy, hungry, tired, scared and sick. Students play in a team of two, with dice and some sort of board piece to represent themselves (pencil, eraser, paperclip, etc). One student rolls the dice and moves his/her piece the appropriate spaces. To be able to advance, he or she must answer (out loud) the question on the square.

Download: board game to teach “feelings”

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Board game to teach “family members”

Exact same instructions as above, but this time the questions all have to do with family members – brother, sister, mom, dad, uncle, aunt, grandma, and grandpa. This game is a little more advanced, as it asks questions using other vocab sets (like, “Quelle est la “color” préféréé de ta “mom?”).

Download: board game to teach “family members”

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Classroom survey to practice “Superlatives”

A little survey to get your students talking out loud in English and practicing superlatives – biggest, littlest, youngest, oldest, happiest, oldest, etc. This is quite an advanced lesson, as it includes vocab sets relating to size and feelings. The kids each have a survey and must go around the room asking each other the questions (in English) to fill out the survey. For example, “find someone who is older than you,” and then the student must write the name of that other student in the box. The first student to complete the survey wins.

Download: survey about “superlatives”

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