Paris, à demain!

by EmilyEsposito

“Change is not pleasant, but change is constant. Only when we change and grow will we see a world we’ve never known” 

Tomorrow is the big day! After eight months of paperwork and planning, I am off to France. I have a layover at JFK and will arrive in Paris on Saturday afternoon. My contract starts October 1, so I have some time beforehand to travel around and, more importantly, find housing in Tarbes!

I am meeting up with my best friend (who I met in France last year), Nadalee, in Paris to go to explore our region. We will visit Toulouse, the biggest city in the area, then go together to my city, Tarbes, then go to her city. Traveling and living abroad with someone creates such a special bond and I am so lucky to spend another year abroad with Nadalee.

This past week has been a blur; I’ve gone through all the necessary motions (packing, running errands, creating lesson plans), but the fact that I was actually leaving hadn’t hit me. Now, as I am starting to get the pre-travel jitters, I am starting to feel everything: I am scared, excited, happy, sad and anxious.

This has been a summer filled with airports. Amazing, happy reunions and sad goodbyes. The drive to the airport seems so familiar now, with each turn and exit bringing back memories. But this time, the trip to the airport seems different. Perhaps because I am saying hello and goodbye at the same time.